The Strategy Behind the System

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Build A Modern Website That Converts Visitors Into Leads

The core of our system is a custom built marketing website that is designed to turn visitors into leads.

You have to get this part right or everything else will not work well.

The actions you want your customers have to take must be clear - and must be easy to do on a mobile device.

It also has to be built in the right way to attract traffic from search engines like Google.

We'll get the core of your new website done in the first month - and the secondary parts that drive large-area search results in month two.

You must showcase your "qualifications" i.e. why they should trust you.

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Run Strategic Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

When people are searching for the services you provide online, we want your brand to be everywhere they look.

We're a certified Google Partner and have tons of experience running these ads - we're going to get you in the right spots and make sure you are ahead of your competitors.

We'll have this working for you by the second week.

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Win the Google Maps With Local SEO

The best source of quality leads is showing up on the map when someone is searching for your service.

We have ranking in the "map packs" down and we're typically going to get you there within the first 90 days.

The goal is not just to show up around your office - but citywide. We'll start with where you are, and work to stretch your results through methods that are proven to work and are not spammy. You're not going to get your profile banned or kicked off of the maps by us - just great results.

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Remind Your Web Visitors With Retargeting

If your website is doing an amazing job generating leads for you, you might see 20% of your visitors reaching out and contacting you.

That's if it's doing an amazing job.

But that means over 95% of your visitors are leaving without a trace. Some of that traffic you're paying for.

If you've shopped online in the last five years, and then noticed the product "following you around" everywhere you go on the internet, that's what we're talking about.

It's not going to work all of the time - most people will ignore the ads. But some of them will say "Oh yeah! I forgot to reach out to those guys." You get leads you would have lost, and the cost is very, very inexpensive.

We give you a second... third... and even fourth or more chance to get that visitor to engage you, using a technique called retargeting.

More likely, you'll see something like 3-5% at most, and that's still excellent.

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Landing Page

Improve Results With High-Converting Landing Pages

You might have tried Google Ads before and found that it didn't work as well as you thought it might. The main reason most companies struggle with it is simple - they send traffic to their home page and don't track what happens.

One key aspect of successful PPC campaigns is a high-converting landing page.

They have been shown time and time again to improve results, and allow you to track what happens much, much more easily.

When you pay for traffic you want to make their life simple - take an action, or go.

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Get More Online Reviews

This one is so important, but is very easy to overlook. I see tons of companies that don't make getting reviews a priority. But when you shop, how do you determine if a company or product is trustworthy?

It's reviews!

Gator Garage Door Repair

Yet time and time again, as I look through maps search results I see companies that have less than 10.

This is bad for so many reasons - it hurts your chances of someone clicking through to check out your site, or even considering you at all. Some people don't even go to the website anymore, they evaluate your reviews and if they look good they will call you.

We've all had them - someone who was just unreasonable or impossible to please, and if you don't give them what they want they become furious. This is often where one star reviews come from.

If you don't have enough reviews in place - 30+ at least - then you are vulnerable to this. All it takes is one bad apple, and everyone searching for your products online is going to see a 2 or 3 star average rating. What do you think that does to your click-through rates and calls? Not good.

We help you implement a review generation process that will fix that for you once and for all, and change your online reviews from a liability to an asset.

Who is more likely to leave you a review - the 99% of customers who love your service, or the 1% who is ticked off?

Even worse, it leaves you wide open to the "horrible customer" revenge.

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Create A Social Media Strategy

In most cases your customers are on social media platforms like Facebook. They are not going to be actively looking for your services (most likely), but it's still a good way to get eyeballs on you.

When you're watching TV you're probably not thinking about buying a car, or insurance, or soda - but when you do, those impressions are going to matter.

We'll come up with a social media strategy for you that combines ads and posts in a way that engages and grows your audience, and moves some of them into sales conversations.

Email Marketing

A good email list is still one of your most important marketing assets, especially if you work with customers who are repeat buyers or have upsell potential.

We'll help you grow your list and integrate it into your marketing campaigns - including where it makes the strongest impact: when someone expresses interest in your service.

Sure, we want to retarget them - but if we have their email because they opted in, then we need to make sure we deliver our value proposition in a professional and timely manner before someone else does!

Now It's Time To Take Action

Are You Confident You're Getting The Best Possible Results From Your Marketing Partners?

My guess is that you're reading this because you're not. Or perhaps you don't have a marketing partner and are considering your options.

Either way, I'd like to invite you to schedule a strategy session with me to discuss your business and how we might partner together to grow your business.


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