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"I have been getting really good leads. My leads have improved, there are more of them, and I'm quite happy."
- Doug Husbands, Owner, A-Rock Asphalt

Paving Marketers Delivers Hundreds Of Top Page Results

Our proprietary SEO process delivers hundreds of first page results in Google (both desktop and mobile), Google Maps, Bing, and anywhere your potential customers are searching. We work with you to identify the most critical cities in your service area, and get pages built for you for every service you offer in each one of those cities.The results are phenomenal - which is why we offer our First Page Guarantee. You're going to be on the first page for the majority of these keywords, guaranteed. We typically see 70-80% of them land there right away.

Click each screenshot below to see the details, these were taken right from Google search results.




More Quality Leads Coming In

We build a dashboard for you that tracks the leads coming in. We also install call tracking, so that you know exactly where these leads are coming from. Calls from your Google My Business profile, from Google Ads, or from your website directly are all identified. Web form fills are also captured. You'll be able to track the sales that come in from the internet, and decide if you're getting a strong return on investment from our services.
We don't lock you into long-term contracts, because we believe if you're not seeing results you should be free to go. We offer market exclusivity also, so that once you own the territory it's yours. If we're getting great results for you, and your competitors can't work with us, why would you switch?

City And Service Keyword Ranking Improvements

We send a monthly report showing you exactly how you're doing for these hundreds of keywords. Here are some screenshots from Doug's report.We track Organic, Mobile, and Maps Rankings, but we also break it down by each city we are targeting. So you can see how you are doing in each city you're interested in, as well as how you're doing for each service in that city!Want to do better in a particular city? That's what we work on for you, and have a bunch of tricks up our sleeve to help.

Now It's Time To Take Action

Are You Confident You're Getting The Best Possible Results From Your Marketing Partners?

My guess is that you're reading this because you're not. Or perhaps you don't have a marketing partner and are considering your options.

Either way, I'd like to invite you to schedule a strategy session with me to discuss your business and how we might partner together to grow your business.


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