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Helped Altech Doors Get More Leads.

Cost Per Lead

Average cost per lead: $26

The CPL or Cost Per Lead is calculated by adding your total ads spend plus your package with Paving Marketers (i.e., total spend altogether), then dividing that by your leads for that period. Maintaining a low average CPL is our goal. A low CPL means we have in context provided a ton of leads at a below average cost.

Google Maps/Google Business Profile

Google Search Console

Altech Doors: Stepping Up with Garage Door Marketers

Ever noticed how some companies just seem to pop up more when you’re searching online? That’s what we’ve been working on for Altech Doors! In the past few months, we’ve helped them show up 34% more in Google Business Profile searches. More appearances mean more chances for people to click on their links. Discover our approach at Garage Door Marketers!

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The number 1 marketing company for garage door contractors - we don't work with anyone else!

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