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"You guys have been great. I even recommended you to a cousin. I have had more leads this year and I am very happy with the results."


Total Leads

Average cost per lead: $53.16

The CPL or Cost Per Lead is calculated by adding your total ads spend plus your package with Paving Marketers (i.e., total spend altogether), then dividing that by your leads for that period. Maintaining a low average CPL is our goal. A low CPL means we have in context provided a ton of leads at a below average cost.

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Boswell Paving's Remarkable Digital Engagement with Paving Marketers

A snapshot of Boswell Paving's Google Business Profile paints a compelling picture of their digital ascendancy. With an awe-inspiring 1,471% surge in overall interactions, the numbers showcase a spread across calls, website clicks, driving directions, and bookings. This isn't just growth-it's a digital transformation. At Paving Marketers, we specialize in crafting such transformations. Eager to pen a success story for your brand? Let's collaborate.

Boswell Google Business Profile

Google Search Console

Amplifying Boswell Paving's Digital Visibility with Paving Marketers

Through the meticulous optimization of on-page content, we've systematically enhanced Boswell Paving's impressions, ensuring more potential customers spot them online. More impressions truly translate to more eyes on your pages-and more opportunities. At Paving Marketers, we are experts in creating such digital visibility. Looking to cast a wider digital net for your brand? Engage with us, and let's shine the spotlight on your business.

Google Ads

Boswell Google Ads

Are you wasting time and energy on lead generation? Paving Marketers are here to help. Boswell's spent $1,000 dollars with us through the busy summer months and got a return of 41 fresh leads. Our experts understand your target market and will provide a conversion rate that is through the roof. Through professionally written ad copy and strategic bid strategies, we are able to maintain CTR and conversion rate well above industry average. Our keyword strategies are tailored to the paving industry and ensure that your ads are shown at the right time to the right users to get you the highest return on your advertising efforts.


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