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Helped Geaux Overhead Door Get More Leads.

Cost Per Lead

Average cost per lead: $25.31

With an average cost per lead (INCLUDING agency fees) of $25.31, Geaux Garage Doors is crushing it. With a combination of successful Google Ads campaigns and Google Maps dominance, their phone is ringing with new leads!

Google Seach Console

Geaux Overhead Door's Remarkable Click Surge with Garage Door Marketers

In a direct 28-day comparison, Geaux Overhead Door experienced a staggering 2x growth in both clicks and impressions. Thanks to our targeted digital marketing strategies at Garage Door Marketers, this remarkable increase not only ensured a consistent flow of clicks but also significantly amplified the direct visits to Geaux Overhead Door's website from Google searches. Delve deeper to uncover the tactics we harnessed and witness the phenomenal ascent of Geaux Overhead Door's online prominence.

Google Maps

geaux maps

Geaux Overhead Door's Local Search Supremacy with Garage Door Marketers

Across a 169 square mile grid (13x13 by 1 mile), Geaux Overhead Door consistently ranks in the top 3 for 'garage door company'. Their average grid ranking stands impressively at 1.92, and they command an unmatched Share of Local Voice (SoLV) at 99%. Discover how our strategies at Garage Door Marketers fueled this local search dominance.

With well over 120 unique leads at an average CPL of $25.31, Geaux is getting a strong ROI from Garage Door Marketers services.

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