Should you talk to the google and facebook marketing reps?

Should You Talk to the Google and Facebook Reps?

Have you gotten those calls from Google and Facebook reps about your garage door business? They have a lot to say about maximizing their platforms and making it seem like they’re the only ones who can help you do it.

In this blog post (and the accompanying video), we discuss what these reps can and cannot do for your garage door business. Check it out it before you speak to them again to know exactly how to respond.

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Getting Calls from Google and Facebook Reps

Getting unsolicited calls from Google and Facebook marketing representatives is a common experience for many businesses. We get them regularly, too, since we run social media accounts for our clients.

While getting these calls can be annoying, they can also be quite problematic.

For starters, these reps are usually not direct Google or Facebook employees but third-party contractors. Rather than being forthcoming with that information, they usually speak as if they work directly for these companies and have insider information. To be clear, they don’t.

Another problem is that they come in guns blazing, telling you everything you’re doing wrong and criticizing your current strategy. It’s easy to get swept up in the narrative and begin to hope they can fix it. After all, it’s Google and Facebook – they wouldn’t lie, right?


Who Do Google and Facebook Reps Work  For?

The first thing you need to know is who these reps work for. Follow the money, and you’ll find their motivation.

So, who do they work for? Google and Facebook. That means they’re not here to help you succeed; they’re here to grow Google and Facebook’s advertising revenue, often at your expense.

Now, if these Google and Facebook reps offered valuable insights or genuinely helpful advice, we would welcome their advice. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In our experience, these individuals are not the experts they claim to be. They’re often confident in giving advice that’s both wrong and counterproductive.

Here’s the scoop: Google and Facebook reps are not trained to benefit you but to benefit the platforms. They want to increase your advertising spend, whether or not it’s the right move for your business.


Challenges with Google

Google has been making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to achieve good results. One prime example is the removal of exact-match keywords. Previously, you could fine-tune your ads for specific keywords, but now, Google decides what it considers relevant without informing you.

The metrics they provide, like “account health,” are often just a guise to convince you to trust them with your ad spend. This might work for big budgets, but it’s a tough pill to swallow for those of us with more modest spending.

Now, I want to be fair. What Google suggests might work if you’re a big spender, dropping $25,000 per month on ads. However, for those of us with more modest budgets, their optimizations can do more harm than good.


Challenges with Facebook

Facebook used to be a goldmine for targeted ads with detailed demographics. However, they pulled the rug out from under us, citing concerns about the misuse of targeting data. The result? Black box targeting and a significant reduction in ad targeting options.

Again, these changes might not bother you much if you spend big bucks. But it’s a struggle for smaller budgets to make these algorithms work in your favor.


You Make The Call

When those Google and Facebook reps call, claiming they want to help, think twice. Despite their well-intentioned facade, the results never align with their promises. Accepting their recommendations often leads to worse campaign performance and higher ad spending.

These folks are not your allies; they’re here to increase the platforms’ revenue, not yours. Unless you’re eager to part with more of your hard-earned cash, steer clear of those calls. Your business deserves better than becoming another pawn in the game of Google and Facebook.

What you really need is someone who works for you, like Garage Door Marketers. Our proven system prioritizes your business’s interests and drives powerful results.


If you want  to learn more about advertising budgets for your business, then check out this recent blog post: Setting a Successful Garage Door Marketing Budget.

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