Garage Door Marketers managed Google verification

We hear it all the time...

"I'd love to work with you, but we just cannot get verified."

"We've been rejected three times and they will not tell us why."

"I don't have time to deal with this."

"Why can't I get verified when these fake companies are able to pull it off?"

We get it - and we help our customers through it more often than we would like to see. But, that has made us pretty good at getting people through the process.

So, we've decided to offer it as a standalone service. Here's how it works:

  1. You sign up for the service, accept the terms and conditions, and schedule your first Zoom call with our team.
  2. We will assess your situation, review what has been done so far, and guide you on the correct next steps.
  3. The process can take a few weeks, but sometimes stretches out longer. You can expect 2-4 Zoom calls over this time period.

Now - assuming you are being rejected for invalid reasons - if you are NOT verified within 8 weeks, we will refund your payment on request. That's our 100% Success Guarantee.

But we will do even better for you - once we've successfully helped you get verified, we'll even credit your payment to your first month of marketing services with us, if you choose to work with us.

There is no risk for you here. Let us manage your verification process, and get your business moving!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE - if you are not a legitimate business and are trying to get around the policies and cheat the system, we will NOT help you. This is a service for honest companies trying to to the right thing, and those are the only kinds of companies we work with.

SIGN UP NOW! Garage Door Marketers managed Google verification

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